Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use your art?
    You're allowed to use and reupload my existing works as long as the following conditions are met:
      •  Credit me.
      •  Notify me about your reupload.
      •  Link back to the work you used (When/if possible)
      •  Don't trace, recolor or otherwise heavily modify my works.
      •  Don't claim my works as yours.
      •  Don't mass reupload my works on image boards (e.g. Booru sites, Zerochan, etc)
      •  Don't use it commercially (Monetized videos, sell my art as merch, etc)
      •  Don't use it for political, religious or difamation purposes.
      •  Don't use it in machine/deep learning for image generation (AI generated "art")
      •  Don't use in any kind of crypto/blockchain related technology (NFTs, etc)

More questions as soon as the situation arises.